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PVC 控制電纜
PVC 電線
  600V PVC 單心線
  PVC 絕緣電線
Control Cable
LSFH Cable
Rubber Cable
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Coaxial Cable
Computer Cable
Thermocouple Extension Wire
Computer Cable.
Control Shield Cable
Instrument Control Cable.
Flat Elevator Control Cable
Elevator Control Cable
Flat Lift Power Cable
Steel Crane Control Cable

Other Cables.

8. Computer Cable.
9. Control Shield Cable.
10.Instrument Control Cable.
11.Flat Elevator Control Cable.
12.Elevator Control Cable
13.Flat Lift Power Cable.
14.Steel Crane Control Cable.

Audio and Video Composite Cables  

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What's New

Key Specifications/Special Features:   


· Flat 50 mil (1.27mm) cable with round PVC jacket for external wiring
· Bonded/unbounded at 30mm/70mm regular interval
· Reduced diameter of outside sheath and more flexibility
· Shield or unshielded
· Conductor: 28AWG (7/0.127mm) stranded copper wire
· Insulation: PVC drain wire
· Jacket: red/gray/green
  Properties (with shield)
· Conductor resistance: max. 222 ohms/km
· Insulation resistance: min. 5M ohms/km
· Dielectric strength: 300VAC/min.
· Capacitance: approximately 80pf/m
· Impedance: approximately 75 ohms
· Propagation delay: approximately 6.0ns/m
· Flame resistance: VW-1
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